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Here we go again.

Long day at work, but I got 17 pages of lesson plans written. Now I just have to add all the extraneous stuff that the government wants in addition to the class I'm working on. (Safety precautions, visual aids, etc.). I think I can get this done by COB Monday, which will leave me Tue-Wed to finish the last document I need before I leave for Archon.

I did get some work done on Harbinger tonight though. Another 1170 words in the book and saved to the jump drive as well as the hard drive. We're not playing that game again.

Tomorrow night, finish my essay for school, listen to a talk show on the radio and then work on my story. Piece of cake.

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  • 25 Jun 2012, 23:54
    Thanks! For some reason I was really sweating the LitCrit class. It wasn't easy by any stretch, but I think I made it harder on myself by overthinking stuff.

    Just one class this fall (schedule just…
  • 25 Jun 2012, 10:09
    Oh wow. Congrats on the A's!
  • 11 Mar 2012, 01:40
    I'm going to take a critique of Dracula based on one school of literary criticism (say, Neo-Marxist) and then deconstruct that critique using the focus of a different school of theory (say feminist,…
  • 7 Mar 2012, 07:54
    Not this year, alas. But I may well take you up on that next time :)
  • 7 Mar 2012, 01:55
    Well, if you want to fly over here, I can put you up at my place and get you a guest ticket. *grin* Might even try to get your opinion of my scotch collection.

    Airfare is on you, though.
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