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Transcribing and Archon

Didn't (officially) write anything new tonight. I'm transcribing some earlier stuff I'd done for Harbinger, and as usual, I'm adding some stuff here/deleting some stuff there/rewriting some stuff. I don't want to add it to my "daily progress", since it wasn't new material. Hopefully, I'll finish transcribing sometime early tomorrow night and can get back to writing new stuff.

Had my yearly evaluation today. Went a LOT better than I hoped it would. No promotion this year, but she laid out a strategy to get me promoted next year, and we're going to have quarterly meetings to ensure I'm on track. I like my company I work for, but it's nice that one of the managers has seriously taken an interest in my career. I've sorta been feeling my way along for the past six years. She's not going to tell me I have to do this or that, but she'll try to point out things I can do. It'll be up to me whether I do them or not.

That's about all I have to input tonight. Tomorrow night, I'm going to be finishing up my essay that I was grousing about the other night and then get back to work on Harbinger. I'm going to take a notebook with me tomorrow and try to get some writing in on my breaks tomorrow, but having missed yesterday with the car in the shop and today with a sick kid, I've got a lot to get done before Archon next week. (sigh)

Speaking of Archon, I have my current schedule.

  • Fri, 11:00am GC - Illini A Looking At The Phenomenon Knows As "Anime'"
  • Fri, 2:30pm GC - LaSalle Lobby Autographs (1/2 hour)
  • Fri, 5:00pm GC - Illini A Doing Your Homework - Research Techniques For Writers
  • Sat, Noon GC - Illini A Fiction With An Agenda (Moderator)
  • Sat, 1:00pm HI - Lobby Reading (1/2 hour)
  • Sat, 7:00pm GC - Marquette A Collecting Anime' Cels - What's It Really Going To Be Worth Some Day? (single person panel)

Hope to see some of you there!

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