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Back in the saddle

Wow, between class work and family stuff, it's been pretty busy around the ol' hacienda here lately. The next several weeks are likely to be very odd with every weekend except maybe one already booked up and that's not counting the Saturday morning class.

However, I've gotten started back up on Harbinger finally. It took a while to shake the funk of losing all that work, but I've been on a bit of a roll the last couple of days. Knocked out 2185 words yesterday and another 1688 words today. (OK, 5+8, carry the one . . . ), so that comes to a grand total of 3873 words toward getting this draft finished. I think what I've done so far is going to be superior to what I lost, so let's just say, I got started on the second draft a little earlier than I intended to.

Went over my outline for my Star Trek novel proposal with the wife tonight. She's not a big ST fan, per se, but she thought my idea was reasonable, no major plot bunnies running around by their lonesome, and liked the twist I'm hoping to put in the story. So, once I get Harbinger put to bed (got to give those novels a little cooling off period before rewriting), I'll see if I can't get this sucker knocked out (note to self: this editor likes Courier 10pt, underlines).

Haven't heard anything about when my Gauntlet book is supposed to come out this fall. I guess I need to drop the editor a line and see what's going on with ibooks and the reorganization. (sigh) Also, I need to contact Preney Press to see when they're going to send the line art from Chronicles back to me so I can forward it and some copies of the book to Bill Bryan. I know he'd like to get his art back after all this time.

Here's to getting back into a regular writing routine!

Current Harbinger status:
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115,065 / 140,000

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