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A long strange road we've been on

Been a bit since I've updated the blog. Eeep!

After the fiasco with the laptop, I decided to take a little time off from writing. As noted, I'd been getting sporadic with my production and after losing all that information, I went into a bit of a funk. So, I decided I'd enjoy myself at Dragon*Con and see how things were going after that.

Had a great time at D*C, although it was very strange. For some reason, I was a guest . . . but I wasn't in the program book, I had no panels and I didn't have a space in artist alley. It was the first time since 1992 that I hadn't "worked" at Dragon*Con. It took me almost two days before I got used to the idea that I could pretty much go where I wanted to when I wanted to. While that was a unique situation, it also meant I didn't make any money at Dragon*Con. Bleah.

Went to several of the Writers Track panels. Some of them were pretty darn useful, others were "much" less so. If I were to make a recommendation for next year, don't have non-writers on writers panels. While I have nothing against using experts in their field to make my stories more realistic, they have a completely different agenda. I'm trying to tell an enjoyable story and I try to make it as realistic as possible, but the story has to come first. My readers don't really care if there are six different names for the Short Sword or the fact the sword fight between Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone was completely wrong. All they care about is, "was it exciting?"

The other panels I attended were in the "Trek Trak". Those went pretty well. Caught a couple of readings, listened to kradical talking about upcoming ST books and got a chance to visit with the guys who put on one of the Star Trek fan films. I haven't had a chance to get to their web site yet, but it sounds like they're having a lot of fun with it (Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers). There were a couple of the panels I wanted to sit in on, but the room was full to overflowing (might have had something to do with Eugene Roddenberry appearing on them). From what I could see, the talks with LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis and Robin Curtis were very heavily attended.

There were a few panels I wanted to catch in the YA track and the Goth Track, but they were scheduled against other panels. Maybe next year. Of course, the Firefly panels were hyper-attended. Obviously, I need to check this show out one of these days.

Took a ton of pictures again, esp. at the Masquerade. Once again, I'm in awe about the quality of the costumes people wear there.

Great art at the art show. I really wish I was independently wealthy. Once again, I showed great taste. . . the first painting that really caught my eye started at $3500. Ouch. There are some prints I might try to get yet, though. Picked up cards and will see what they sell on their web sites. Course, if I start saving up now, I might be able to afford something by Dragon*Con 2010.

Speaking of spending a little money, I did have to hit the dealers' room. Stopped by and visited with Crazy Ed Savitt again. We've only known each other for 10 years now. Picked up every Spider-man comic that had the Black Cat in it that he had. Well, it was something I wanted to get anyway, so I might as well buy them from him than someone I don't know that well. Hey, it's research!

Ever since I got home, I've been working on the Star Trek novel I want to pitch. Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to get back to work on Harbinger and I will. It's just I've had these ideas percolating in my head and until I get the skeleton for the story down on paper, they're not going to leave me alone. This is the most ambitious project I've ever considered doing, so I'm trying to really do my research first to make certain it's got a chance of being picked up. I'm not holding my breath, but then again, if you don't submit, the answer is already "no."

Finished my first draft of my "narrative essay" and my homework for class tomorrow. Need to spend some time tomorrow afternoon working on my class for Monday night and then it's football season again on Sunday. Back to the ol' watering hole to catch the Chiefs/Jets game.

So, beyond class work, no actual movement on the bars from last time. Sigh.

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