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After a short break . . .

Finally got back to writing today. Had a great visit with some friends on Friday night. April is my co-plotter for Chronicles and created one of the characters I really enjoy writing in the book. Hopefully, we'll be able to collaborate more if I can place the comic with another publisher.

Saturday morning, I started back into college. I think it's going to be a pretty good class, but I have to take good care of myself. I can only miss two class sessions without failing the class and I'm scheduled to be out two weekends already (Archon and the 37Forever weekend in Kansas City). I talked to the professor and asked if he thought I should see about transferring to one of the weeknight sessions, but he's willing to work with me as much as he can (turning work in early, etc.). I hope I'm not making a mistake by staying with the course, but (shrugs) nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have my other class tomorrow night, "Writing for TV and Radio", which hopefully, I'll remember some of the classes I took back in the late 70s when I was considering a broadcast journalism career.

The rest of Saturday was spent taking care of family things. One thing I did was pick up a wall clock that I'd had in for repairs. I knew it was pretty old, but the clock shop said it was probably made between 1904 and 1911. Either way, I know it was my great-grandfathers and has passed through the family to me and eventually, my daughter. (Course, if I could finally find the darn hammer, I'd have it mounted on the wall and annoying everyone by striking the hours.) Spent the rest of Saturday night watching/listening to the Chiefs/Seahawk game.

Have really been enjoying seeing the Encyclopedia Britannica go after Publish America for their Publish Britannica logo. Nothing like someone with deep pockets taking a scammer to court! I'll be watching this fight with definite interest. The ten counts against PA are about halfway down this page.

Spent some time working on Harbinger tonight. I did manage to knock out another 2392 words. wishweaver and I went out to the local coffee shop and had a great time writing together. I'm already plotting out the rewrite, though. I know I'm going to take about 1/3 of the book out and set it aside for a possible sequel and I'm definitely going to be rewriting the middle of the book to introduce one of the villains a lot earlier. The more I look at the book currently, there should have been much more backstory between the heroine and the villain before where they met in the book as is. I'm still going to finish this one though. Finish the draft, THEN edit. Don't start editing now or I'll never get it done.

Need to start my rewrite of The Demon's Eye pretty soon before kradical sends me back the edits I need to make in Coventry. Looks like October-December are going to be busy with editing, much less starting another project. Sometimes, I really wish I was a full-time writer and not trying to work this in around a full-time job (and now school).

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
125,906 / 140,000

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