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Future plans

Called Steve Roman, whom I've worked with on several projects in my writing career. He's trying to get his comic company going again and wanted to talk to me about reprinting an old comic series I did as a Graphic Novel to be released in Feb. 2006.

(OK, twist a little more)

We continued talking about his plans for Starwarp Concepts and now, if we can get an artist to work with me, we're talking about doing 80-page graphic novels of Troubleshooters, Incorporated on an annual basis. It'd be fun to get a chance to play with these characters again, and really, doing an eighty-page script once a year wouldn't be that difficult. As with any small-press stuff, this is not going to let me retire to be a full-time writer anytime soon, but it's fun and, heck, Steve gave me my first writing chances. Even if I make nothing out of this, a story a year is a pittance to pay him back for helping me get into the business.

The TSI graphic novel will have a new cover painted by Bob Larkin (drool!) and will debut at the New York Comic Con, Feb 24-26 at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

(does the Snoopy dance)

Wound up talking to Steve for about two hours about writing opportunities, agents, comics, artists, artists who fail to deliver even after six months, reviewers, conventions and BEA 2006/2007, among other things. As soon as I got off the phone with him, got to work on Harbinger. I can't stay up too late tonight, since wishweaver and I are going into work early. We have a get-together in Manassas, VA tomorrow night, so we want to get off work in time to avoid the worst of the rush-hour traffic on the Capital Beltway. If you've ever driven I-495 around Washington D.C. during either the morning or evening rush, you'll understand our desire to get there early. Did manage to write 1019 words tonight, but probably won't get to write any tomorrow night. Still doing the writing yo-yo thing. Sigh.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
123,536 / 140,000

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