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New Work and more work

Went out to the new job site today. Once I finally got my pass to get into the area (I work for one company but we're a sub for another, so I had to get special permission to work out at their site), I was introduced around and got to see my cube. It's definitely a cube farm there, huge room with lots of hallways formed by rows and rows of cubes. At least my work area is big. Probably a 6' desk on one side and a 3.5 foot desk on the other with a corner piece where my computer sits. I'll have plenty of room to put up all my stuff once I get out there on Monday.

The daughter-unit got her braces today. She's not really enjoying them, but I remember when I got mine back in 1992, there were a few uncomfortable days up front and then I got used to them. I'm hoping she'll adapt as quickly as I did. Now, we're having to go through the list and figure out what she can and can't take in her school lunches compared to most years. Hopefully, we'll adapt to this whole situation before school gets under way.

Speaking of school, I stopped by the college the other night before I got sick to get my books. Of course, the bookstore opened on Aug 15 during daylight hours. It isn't open at night until August 22. (sigh) They at least had the price list for the books listed outside. Wow! My composition class requires two books ($54 and $58) and my "Writing for TV and Radio" class only needs one book ($84). Holy crap! Now, more than ever, I'm glad when I went to Central Missouri State U, we paid $20 and rented our books from the library. If my company wasn't reimbursing me for these books, I'd seriously have to see how badly I needed said books for class.

Finished up Chapter 27 for Harbinger tonight. That brings the daily word count up to 1325 words. Also, spent a little more time working on Noir and Rouge. It's looking like I'm going to try and set this story in the 1930s, so while I'm writing it, I'm going to need to do some research on vehicles and buildings and appropriate clothing. Oh well, what's a story without a little research? If anyone has any links they think would be good for this time in American History, feel free to pass them on.

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