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Sleepy, sleepy

I really don't like being sick.

Unfortunately, that's what happened last night. Either it was something I ate or something else, but my stomach was not happy with me at all. I got up this morning only because my wife called me, which was good, because that meant I was awake enough to call work and tell them I wasn't going to be there.

Then I went back to bed. . .

. . . until 3:30 this afternoon. Wow. 2330-1530 with a few breaks in there to deal with stupid telemarketers. Actually, I didn't deal with them except to look at the caller ID, realize it wasn't wishweaver, and then roll back over and go back to sleep. I don't normally sleep more than six or seven hours, so for me to sleep sixteen hours is pretty darn unusual. However, that's how I get over things. Most of the time, I don't need medicine, just sleep.

Course, that meant I was groggy for most of the day and now, I'm trying to get ready for bed and am wide-awake, but I feel a whole lot better than I did.

I've been having fun here lately as AMC is running their James Bond marathon. Just watched "Live and Let Die" tonight and "Diamonds are Forever" last night. The early Bonds were fun. They certainly didn't take themselves too seriously and while they didn't exactly follow the books, they were entertaining in their own rights.

Did get some work done on Harbinger this evening. I added 1026 words to the story and have come to the conclusion, I'm probably going to go over 125K before I finish the first draft. Now, I know there's a lot I'm going to cut out of the book when I start revising it, so it really doesn't bother me to have to add some more space on the Word Meter. But, just to be realistic, I'm going to bump it up to 140K.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
116,659 / 140,000

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