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Decisions, decisions

We went out to the mall today to try and find me a new watch among other things. I found quite a few different ones I was attracted to, and once again, showed my impeccable taste. One of the watches that really appealed to me was a mere $525. Eeek! Let's just say, that's a tad more than I really want to spend on something like that. Maybe if I get that huge advance on the multi-book deal . . . o.k., maybe if I get a good raise at work I can afford one of the watches I looked at that were a tad less "expensive".

Then on the way home, we stopped to get some gas. We found one station at $2.51/gal so we filled up there. Most of the stations were between $2.59 and 2.74. Holy Moses, I'm starting to think this whole "let's just run up to the store and grab something" is going to come to a halt here soon. I mean, driving to work and for necessities is still going to have to happen, but just cruising around for fun? Soon to become a thing of the past. wishweaver and I used to carpool in to work and believe me, I wish we could do so again, but with my upcoming move to an off-site location, that pretty much makes it impossible. And, of course, the off-site spot doesn't have a shuttle for my weekly meetings. Guess I'll have to look into charging my company for gas and mileage for all these meetings.

Then, we decided to stop and take a test drive of a Toyota Matrix. We have a 1998 Rav-4, and it's been a good little car, but it's getting some miles on it and it's starting to show its age. The main reason we're considering picking up the Matrix is it gets 30-36/mpg vs the Rav's 20-24/mpg. They didn't have exactly the model I want, but Wish liked it well enough. I'm debating whether to try and order a 2006 Matrix the way we want it (although it'll cost more and we won't get it until the end of September) or take the one that's here now. It would be a good price and we'd get a decent trade-in on the Rav, but it doesn't have a few of the options I'd like to have. So the question becomes, take the cheaper car and live with it as is, or pay more but get exactly what I want. Both options make sense and the difference between what we'd get and what we'd order is pretty small (less than $1500 difference).

Decisions, decisions.

One decision that was easy was getting back into my WIP. A nice little BIC session and I finished Chapter 26 with the addition of 1354 words. We have officially entered the home stretch now.

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