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Let's see how this is working

Well, played with my new computer quite a while today. I must say, the battery in this thing lasts a whole lot longer than my old brick's did. Then spent a couple of hours helping set up my wife's new computer too. We still need to transfer a bunch of files from the old systems to these, but we're primarily only planning to use these as our writing machines. We're keeping all the games/heavy graphic programs on the desktop.

Watched the first disc of the Muppet Show: Season One. I'd forgotten how "crude" some of the earlier muppets were compared to the movies we had on VHS. Plus Ms. Piggy, Gonzo and even Fozzie Bear's voices were much rougher then, esp. Ms. Piggy's. I really liked the Rita Moreno/Animal skit where she's trying to sing "Fever" and Animal keeps padding his part on the drums. He learns it's not a good idea to rouse a Latin's anger. We're going to go through one DVD at a time, I think we'd overdose if we tried to watch all four at once.

Got back to work on Harbinger tonight. I took the laptop upstairs with me and got on a roll. I churned out 1845 words in a little over an hour and a half. Not too shabby for someone who types as slowly as I do. Another couple of nights like that and I'll be back on track for the month. Tying a few plot threads together to head into the big finale.

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