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Well, I'm not certain what went on today. I was completely wiped out at work today. Just took forever to get going on any projects and I was really doing my best not to beat my forehead into my keyboard.

Then, I got started on The Demon's Head. Slipped right back into my writing groove and finished it up tonight. The first draft came in at 5856 words, so by my count, I crafted 1640 words on it before I went back in with the red pen and started adding and deleting sections into it. This was weird because I came in way under my projected total. I'm not certain how much is going to get cut or if I'll take advantage of coming in so far under 7500 words that I go back in and add some more descriptions and such. Writing short stories is harder for me than novels because I'm always worried I'll go overboard and be all verbose.

Then, after a break, I jumped right back in on Harbinger. Finished up Chapter 25 and started in on Chapter 26 before I decided a good night's sleep might be a good thing. Added another 1313 words to my novel.

So, all told, I hammered out 2953 words on two projects. So, I have something to edit as well as a novel to finish. I hope to get the second draft of Demon's Head finished over the weekend, so I can send it to a couple of people to beta for me.

Not a bad day, once I got away from work. Now, I need to find some way to bottle that enthusiasm for the thing that actually pays me. Not quite ready to be a full-time author yet. I'm still fond of my creature comforts and paying the mortgage.

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