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Not quite certain what's up, perhaps I've been playing with Harbinger a little long, but I'm just not getting into it like I was a few weeks ago. I came back from the conventions all fired up to get back to work on it and really knock it out. Instead I feel like I'm just plodding along. 1200 words here, 1200 words there, but I'm not really "feeling" the story like I was.

It's tempting to set it aside for a bit and work on some of these other projects I've been developing in the background. However, in that direction lies madness, because I'm likely not to come back to my novel and instead, I wind up with eight or nine half-finished projects rather than one finished one.

I just need to buckle down and get serious. I'm about 15,000 words from finishing and I'm certain I can get it done if I just continue. Heck, even at 1000 words a night, I'm only 15 days from finishing. Even if this expands out to 150K before I start editing it back down, at 1000 words a night, I'd be done in 40 days, and I'm still averaging over a thousand a night, so say I'd be done in a month.

I just need to keep gutting it out, but there are days I just "don't want to". Bleah. I'll take a short break once Harbinger is done before I start another project. At least two weeks to do nothing but catch up on my reading and relax. BUT, finishing Harbinger is the goal.

Felgercarb. Shazbat. Rassenfrassen sassenfratz.

Even with all the self-inflicted distractions this evening, I still wrote 1142 words tonight. There was progress. I have to give myself credit for that. Plus, on my weekly trip on the shuttle bus, I edited the first five pages of my short story and I think it'll be a lot better once I finish scrubbing it. Now, I just need to see what magazines are buying what stories and see if I can't find a home for it.

Sorry, I'll try to keep my whining down to a minimum here in the future.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
108,879 / 125,000

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