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I like days like this

Along with getting two papers edited at work, I had a pretty good day on the writer side of the house.

Currently working on the third draft of the S.C.E. proposal. I think I've got everything I want to cover in the story now and at a point where everything makes sense. Now I just want to go through it one more time and bring the scalpel. Let's save kradical's eyes and not make him read too long a proposal. ;)

Started working on the short story I'd mentioned the other day. Formalized the outline for it and then just sat down and started writing. I'd finished 1532 words on it before I realized what had happened. Not too bad considering I hadn't even thought of the names of the characters or anything yet. I've got a pretty good feeling for this one. I'll keep playing with it when I have some spare time, so posting progress on it is going to be spotty.

Then I got home and got to work on Harbinger. Once again, the story has wandered off on its own. One of the characters I intended to kill in the climactic scene at the end of the book instead got waxed here in Chapter 24. However, the more I thought about it, it became necessary to have this incident here. Damn characters, never doing what you expect them to do. I swear they're more annoying some days than sugar-high toddlers.

Still, I did get into a rhythm with the characters and finished the chapter with 1825 words tonight. So, I guess I had a total of 3357 words total for the day. Woot! I can live with productive days like this.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
105,354 / 125,000

Current Demon's Heart status:
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1,532 / 7,500

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