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First day – the butterflies are landing

(Reposted from the For a Few Gold Pieces More Kickstarter Page)

Wow, what a whirlwind first day.  Thanks to everyone who’s pledged to this project. It’s enthusiasm like this that makes me really want to ensure this is going to be worth your while.

And speaking of that, I’m talking to some people to make arrangements regarding the project’s stretch goals. I didn’t post any at first because I wanted to focus on telling the story and showing you what great rewards we had planned for you, but after talking to some friends and having them run some numbers for me, I hope to announce the first stretch goals on Monday, February 15th.

I’ll be attending Farpoint as a panelist and I guarantee, I will be promoting this Kickstarter (albeit politely and understatedly…no one likes a carnival barker except in a midway). One of the panels I’ll be on is called, “Publishing on a Budget: Spending Your Money Wisely”. Not only will I be relating my experience from this Kickstarter, but I will be taking notes as my other panelists have KS experience too.

Again, thanks for your support and here’s to a successful conclusion to this campaign.

Originally published at Richard C. White. Please leave any comments there.

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