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Rewriting and writing

Spent part of today and this evening reworking the S.C.E. proposal I hope to send off to kradical once he gets back from WorldCon. Sent the proposal out to a couple of people who asked some very good questions about it. Back to the rewrite board to flesh out/better explain a couple of paragraphs.

Not quite certain if I want to "edit them out" and replace with something else, or else try to explain the points better. Both of them are not that important to the story, so if I delete them the story would survive. It was just some stuff I put in there to add another layer of complexity to the story. We'll see what I think when I play with them tomorrow.

Got back to work on Harbinger tonight. Knocked out another 1167 words after I cut 500 words off of Chapter 23 and transplanted them to Chapter 24. I'll definitely look these two chapters over when I do my first rewrite, but I think considering the massive change of POV, making them two separate chapters made sense.

Oh, and I finally updated my web site (sigh).

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
103,529 / 125,000

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