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Every writer needs a shuttlebus

Last Tuesday, when I rode the bus over to the other building I came up with the idea that I'm pursuing in Noir and Rouge. Today, I wound up coming up with five possible short story ideas (one of which I outlined on the bus trip to the other building). On the way back, I was kicking around some potential S.C.E. stories I could throw at kradical when one of them just struck me out of the blue and made so much sense, I had to jot down all the notes I could and then I've spent the past five hours roughing out the proposal.

Now, I think I need to step away for a day or two to get a fresh perspective on it, but damn, it just flowed together. Plus, I opened up the Star Trek Encyclopedia to look up something and BAM!, I found the perfect thing to tie the start of my story to my ending. Maybe it's kismet or something, but this story just came together too well . . . actually, that makes me nervous. Definitely need to look it over in a day or so to see what's wrong with it.

Either way it was fun creating a new story tonight.

Didn't do any work on Harbinger, but this was a nice break from my regular story, but I was still creative. Besides, it was about 3000 words for the proposal, so that should count for something. I'll transcribe my outline for the short story tomorrow when I get home and then get back to work on Harbinger. Too close to the end to get too distracted now.

But, wow, this S.C.E. story did come together nicely. :D

Plus, the rest of the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon arrived from Preney Press today. As soon as Dragon*Con is over, I need to get to work on soliciting them through Diamond. I really hope a publisher picks this up. I like "doing" comics, I don't care for the "business" of comics. Sigh.

(reminds self, need to work on those writing samples/proposals for those publishers I talked to at San Diego. Work, work, work)

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