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Boring meetings – 0, Author – 1!

Let’s here it for boring meetings. Thanks to getting trapped in a meeting I had no business being in today, I got a great start on the revised Steel on Target. I’ve written over 2300 words on it as well as completely plotting out what I want to do differently with this version from the earlier one as well as designing the world this story will take place on and mapping out the path of my heavily put-upon cav troopers.

It mostly follows the design of the earlier versions, but I think we found a better place to start rather than in media res, which is how the first two versions kicked off. Also, this allows me to introduce the new technology instead of having to cram it into the first couple of chapters and overwhelming the readers with geek-speech.

So, all things look pretty good and I should be able to salvage a lot of stuff from the earlier versions with some judicious editing (read – show no mercy).

Also doing the coordination thing to ensure Terra Incognito is going to hit its deadlines so I can do a limited release at Brooklyn Book Festival and then the big release of it at Rocket City Lit Fest.

But, now, it’s time to call it a night.

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