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And we inch ever closer to this project

OK, didn’t get as much writing done this evening as I had hoped, but that was because I was doing other writerly things – like talking to editors, talking to publishers, talking to artists, talking to convention organizers . . .

Sometimes the electrononic age is a great thing, but sometimes I can also be a time suck. Still, progress was made on multiple fronts and I did get some work done on  The Dark Leopard – Freeze Frame

earlier in the day so it’s not a complete wash on the writing front.

However, what stirred all this conversation?

Getting the art for my Kickstarter project – the cover of For a Few Gold Pieces More from Shane Braithwaite.

OK, see, I’m a writer because I can’t draw. So, I tend to gush when I work with a fantastic, (and highly reliable) artist.

So, without further ado, a snippet of the cover. The entire cover will be revealed with the start of the Kickstarter, but the few people I’ve shared this with agree with me that Shane’s art ought to move some books.

Hopefully my writing is up to snuff to match this gorgeous art. *grin*

Preview to the cover of "For A Few Gold Pieces More"

Preview to the cover of “For A Few Gold Pieces More”

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