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Been an interesting Saturday.

Had a nice lunch with friends today, spent a lot of time catching up and just having a great time hanging out.

Then went over to the local B&N and picked up a few books for the family. I know many people buy their books on-line these days, but I still like holding them and flipping through some pages before I make a decision.

The big news was getting the edits back from Joni on the secret project. She caught a few areas I thought were a bit rough, and after I polished them up, I dropped it into an email and zapped it off to the editor. Keep your fingers crossed for No Rest for the Wicked.

Then I spend a big chunk of this evening downloading cd’s into the proper format and building a brand new playlist for gw-en.com. Looks like I’ll be broadcasting this Tuesday from 7-10, EST. Each time I’ve been on-air, it feels like it’s getting easier, but then again, I always seem to find something new to mess up on. But, maybe in ten or so years, I’ll get this thing down.

And tomorrow, time to start a new story. (It’s always time to start a new story . . . )

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