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See, I KNEW I was tempting the gods Friday. Although I did get in another 1000+ words on the story, I did not finish it by COB Saturday. But, I did finish it today!

The secret project, now known as No Rest for the Wicked, clocks in at 6,967 words (with a maximum of 7,000 allowed). I’m anticipating as I go back through this and then Joni goes over it, words will be trimmed away, verbs tightened, scenes sharpened, and characters brought to life. Still, I’m pretty proud of this first draft, and I hope by the time I finish polishing it, the editor will like it too.

(And if he does, I’ll let you know who No Rest for the Wicked is for. *grin*)

Also spent some time today conversing with a publisher and my artist, finalizing what we want to do with the cover for For a Few Gold Pieces More and ensuring it’s going to really work for this book. I’ve seen the preliminary sketches and cannot wait to see what this is going to look like as a digital painting.

Now to print off a copy of No Rest so I can start editing. Yes, I still edit by hand with a red pen. It’s who I am. *sigh*

Hope everyone had a safe Fourth of July weekend and here’s to more stories down the road.

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