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Irons in the Fire, "Summer 2005"

Since I'm nowhere as prolific as some of the authors I've been keeping an eye on, I figure I'll just post once a season what's going on in my (so-called) career as a writer.

Recently finished
Chronicles of the Sea Dragon - 48 page one-shot comic. Waiting to hear back from some potential publishers. Will solicit through Diamond for January.

Currently awaiting editorial review:
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy #2 "Paths of Fear" - novel
S.C.E. #63 "Echoes of Coventry - novella

Currently contracted to write

Currently being written
Harbinger of Darkness - fantasy novel (101K out of 125K done)
Noir and Rouge - thriller novel (3K out of 85K done)

Currently being developed
Shadowhaven - dark fantasy novel
Mindsword - SF novel
Prowler - SF/Military novel
Reconquesta - Fantasy Novel
Chronicles of the Sea Dragon - Fantasy Novel (same characters as the comic)

Planning stages
Unnamed S.C.E. proposal
Unnamed Star Trek novel proposal

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