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SoonerCon Day 3 and aftermath:

Sunday started out way too early after surviving being on the party floor on a Saturday night. *grin* Between the blues band playing outside my window in the patio below and then the party drifting in to finish off the last “night” of SoonerCon, it’s was a tad noisy. Thankfully, my military training taught me how to sleep through damn near everything, so I eventually drifted off to sleep.

The Kaffeeklatch went well. I had an opportunity to visit with several other authors and their families as well as some fans. The fact that there were that many people awake and ambulatory at 10am on Sunday was impressive.

The last panel I had was “Overcoming Writer’s Block”. We spent part of the panel defining what writer’s block was, and how to differentiate (or was there a way to differentiate) it from procrastination. We also found while each of us have different ways to deal with it, the carrot and stick method seemed to be rather consistent (albeit we all seem to use different carrots). There were good questions from the audience too, and I think it went very well.

Afterward, I had the last autograph session of SoonerCon. As anticipated, since it was my first time at the show, not many people (read “one”) came over specifically to see me there. However, I did get a few nibbles from people who’d been at one of my panels and I sold a few Full Moon Affairs. Apparently, there is a market for fantasy noir and that tells me I need to get some more Theron Chase stories knocked out in the near future.

I dashed into the dealer’s room for one last pass and snagged an anime figurine for my daughter and then off to the airport. Had a great visit with Leonard Bishop, one of the con chairs, on the way there and definitely complimented him (and hopefully it got echoed back to the entire SoonerCon staff) on a very well run convention and one I can easily recommend to anyone who has wondered about going there.

While at the OKC airport, I had to treat myself to a Schlotzsky’s sandwich – I hadn’t had one since the last time I was in San Angelo, TX, which was 2004. It was as good as I remembered, even if I did forget to tell them to hold the black olives.

Unfortunately, that’s where the fun stopped.

Arrived at Dallas Love Field, and knew we were in trouble when the plane we were supposed to be boarding at 1935 was just discharging it’s passengers at 1945. 2015 rolled by and they announced there were a few issues and we’d be departing shortly. Then 2100, and they were still working on the issues and we’d be departing shortly.

We finally boarded the plane at 2300. Now, I can appreciate the pilot told us he was going to push for “ludicrous speed” on the way back to Regan National, but folks, it was still 0245 when we landed in DC. So, Joni had to drive down from Central MD to get me (the DC Metro was NOT running that late). It was almost 0400 when I finally arrived home. I had to call in at 0700 to tell work I wasn’t going to be in and I think I slept until 1200 today.

I really hadn’t planned on blowing another day of leave for this trip, but whatcha gonna do?

However, all in all, it was an outstanding con, the Writer Beware panel went extremely well and I met several authors I’ve seen on-line before but never met – especially want to sent a shout-out to Tommy B. Smith, Rachel Acks, and Lou Antonelli – as well as the others I enjoyed getting to meet for the first time.

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