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SoonerCon Day 2:

First panel of the day was the Writer Beware presentation. We had twelve people show up at 10am on a Saturday and more drifted in as the presentation went along. I think we had a max of twenty people at one time. It felt like the presentation went well and there were a number of good questions from the audience, lots of note taking, and several people hunted me down afterward to ask questions they didn’t necessarily want to ask in a group setting. All in all, probably the best single session I’ve had this year so far. So, go team!

The second panel of the day was “Military Service and it’s Role in SF”. We had two Vietnam Veterans (to include Elizabeth Moon), two Desert Shield/Storm vets, and one Gulf War vet. We talked about different things like “do you really have to have been in combat to write a good fight scene?” “Can having been in combat inhibit your writing?” One of our vets replied he couldn’t write combat for the longest time, even for a magazine article, because of the flashbacks at night. However, when you get five veterans together, there was a lot of “No, kidding, there I was . . . ” stories, which the audience really seemed to enjoy. We had a huge crowd – room filled to capacity which was a fantastic sight, because I’ve done a panel like this before at other cons where we only had two to three people in attendance.

My last panel was “Kaiju, Unicorns, Bigfoot, and Dragons”. While the proposed topic was plausibility (either in actual existence or in design), we deviated a bit to discuss pet peeves about monsters, the two artists on the panel brought up while a monster might make sense in writing, it was tough to make them look real visually, esp. for movies/TV, and yes, we even talked about the actual topic about which cryptids could actually exist, whether or not they really do. Fun panel and some good questions/comments from the audience.

Had a good time talking with Rachel Acks, (she had the reading right before mine). I found out she was a fellow former Musa author, so we spent some time talking about steampunk, how tanks work (she’s doing a screenplay for a class about a tank crew), and general writing stuff. I had a ball visiting with her and if you like steampunk fiction, I recommend tracking down her stories.

Also, after the show, SoonerCon arranged for some food trucks to come out to the show. I hit one called St. Paddy’s Cakes (they specialize in Irish-style meals served atop a huge potato cake). I had their con special which was chocolate rubbed pork with shitake mushrooms and cauliflower atop a white Cheddar potato cake and served with German Mustard. Holy kraut was that good!

And, after my last panel, I went outside to find a gentleman who was restoring an old Model T. He was also giving rides in it, which I certainly took advantage of. I went back out to get some pictures, but he’d left, which was rather disappointing, but I walked by there just as things were wrapping up for the day and he’d returned, so I was able to snag some shots of his vehicle.

So, all in all, it was a fantastic day yesterday, and I look forward to wrapping everything up today and getting home.

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