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Forward progress

Been busy the last couple of days.

1) Finished the first round of edits to the book, the acknowledgements, the dedication, the back cover material and fired all of that back to my editor. I’m hoping round two of the edits will be a little better, but we’ll know when I open his email and see whether my computer catches fire or not.

2) Talked to a couple of reviewers and fired off copies of some of my work.

3) Talked to one of my publishers about a couple of projects near and dear to my heart. Movement is happening and I’m a very happy writer about that.

4) Found out a Kickstarter I was supporting not only hit their goal, but nailed most of their stretch goals! Fantastic job Champions of Aetaltis! Maybe some of that mojo will rub off on my own Kickstarter this fall.

5) and best of all, I received the first bit of art for the Kickstarter. This is going to be one of the posters we’ll be giving out as a reward. But, we’ll give you guys a sneak peak now. This is a cropped version of Shane Braithwaite’s stunning art. And this is just the poster. I can’t WAIT to see what he does with the cover.

6) And now, time to go off and work on my secret project and listen to the Royals/Mariners game.

Shane Braithwaite's poster of Yuki for the upcoming Kickstarter

Shane Braithwaite’s poster of Yuki for the upcoming Kickstarter

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