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Publishing happened. Writing? Not so much.

Came home tonight with the express purpose of getting some writing done—then came the phone calls:

1) My editor for Terra Incognito

2) The designer for Terra Incognito

3) The graphic designer for For a Few Gold Pieces More

4) The editor for Terra Incognito again

5) My web designer

Now, mind you, these were all phone calls that needed to be made/handled, and a lot of good information was passed on during them.

The editor and I discussed the first round of edits for Terra and also how things need to go to get ready for round two.

After I discussed things with the designer about how we wanted to lay this book out and get it ready to go once the editor is done, I had to talk to the editor again and coordinate with him.

Talked to the graphic designer about a new Nightwolf Graphics logo that would be more book friendly than my earlier logos (they looked great on a comic, but not to much on a book cover).

Then finally with my web designer about setting up the Nightwolf Graphics page separate from my author web page to support both Terra Incognito and For a Few Gold Pieces More.

So, the publishing side of getting these books out the door is moving along, but writing must happen too. *sigh*

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