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Continued working on my edits today. I made it through the first pass of edits, made a number of changes the more I reviewed things – it’s amazing how stuff you wrote three years ago seems clunky now. It took most of today to get through the edits. Steve is nothing if not thorough, which is exactly what I look for in an editor.

I’m going to make another pass on the manuscript tomorrow and then I have two new sections to write for this book, based on his advice. Then it’ll be back for editing round number two.

I’m taking the rest of the evening off to recharge and watch some Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Mission: Impossible and continue planning a few short stories I’m going to pitch to a new market for me.

What? You thought I wouldn’t have more irons in the fire?

I thought I’d share a little more art with you. I was working on a story several years ago – still need to dust it off and rework it one of these days – and I had Eliseu Gouveia do some concept art for the two main characters.

Zeu has done a lot of work for Steve Roman, my editor, and I thought it would be good to throw some attention to his Deviant Art page too, Go check out his work at eliseugouveia.deviantart.com/


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