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Everything but writing it seems…

And work continues on everything except what I’d intended on working on today. *hangs head in shame*

1) Based on feedback I’ve received from several people who’ve run or are currently running successful Kickstarters, I “think” I’ve got my ideas for the rewards, add-ons, and stretch goals for whenever I finally decided to launch the Kick for For a Few Gold Pieces More. I still need to do more research on things like shipping costs, book printing costs, editing/layout/design costs, and procuring the items for the rewards.

I’m an analyst. I may not be a “business” guy per se, but I do understand numbers. I’m going to have all the data in my hot little hands before I announce to everyone we’re ready to roll. So, you’ll probably hear me prattling about this from time to time until I’m ready to push the button and start the countdown.

2) However, with that in mind, I did contract Shane Braithwaite to do the cover, a poster, and one piece of the interior art for the book so I can show people what they’re spending their money on. If you remember the cover to Terra Incognito, you’ve seen Shane’s work (and if you don’t remember, please check out his deviant art page. I haven’t quite crossed the Rubicon yet with this project, but the troops are lining up waiting for the word “go.”

3) I also began work on a pitch I’ll be making to a publisher later this week. More to follow there.

4) I did actually pull up a short story I’m supposed to be working on, just in time for a call from my friend (and editor) Steve Roman with StarWarp Concepts. He’s doing the editing on turning my old on-line columns for Penumbra Magazine into a non-fiction book called Terra Incognito.

When last I had talked to Steve, three days after Balticon, he was pretty convinced there was no way we could release the book in time for Shore Leave. So, of course, he calls tonight and thinks now we can, with a significant push from both his end and mine. Luckily, we already have the cover art in house, (Thanks, Shane), and he’s sent me all the other matter (back cover copy, front matter, back matter, press releases, etc.) to start working on them while he finishes editing the last three chapters.

Once he’s done with that, it’s just a matter of making the corrections, looking up some more references, writing a new last chapter, and coordinating with the designer to get the maps and the calendar laid out in the book so it’s easily readable/understandable by the readers, and then getting ready to go to press.

Simple, no?

Well, maybe.

So…will Terra Incognito be released at Shore Leave 2015? Honestly, I don’t know. I’d like to do it there, but I also do not want to schedule a release party for the book at the show until I’m 100% certain it’ll be there.

Stay tuned for more there too.

5) I must have Kickstarters on the brain because of all my work. There are a couple out there I highly recommend people take a look at. The “Monsters” Kickstarter by Silence in the Library is off to a great start, but let’s keep the momentum going! If you have a chance, please go to Kickstarter and check out the authors involved and give them a hand.

6) Another Kickstarter I highly support (and I’m not even in this one *grin*), is “Champions of Aetaltis: A Heroic Fantasy Anthology“, which also has some of the same authors as appear in “Monsters”. I also recommend this book and hope some of you will help them make their goal and unlock some of those stretch goals too.


So, no progress on the short story, but not a dull night either.

We’ll call it even and call it a night.

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