Richard C. White (nightwolfwriter) wrote,
Richard C. White

Already missing the convention

And apparently I’m still playing catch-up.

Had to work a bit late tonight to make up for some of the time I took off for Origins, but managed to sneak in some good research time in-between dealing with issues. LOTS of issues. *sigh* (Can I go back to the con? It made sense at least.)

Signed and scanned the contract for the Silence in the Library version of Monsters, which includes my story, A Gryphon’s Tale. Also began promoting their Kickstarter for this version of the book. Their Kickstarter can be found here. I’m looking forward to helping with this one and studying how well it goes to help prepare for my own Kickstarter later this fall.

And speaking of that, just finished going over a few points with Shane Braithwaite, who did the absolutely stunning cover for Terra Incognito and he’s agreed to do the artwork for”For a Few Gold Pieces More” I just worked up and sent him the contract for the initial pieces of art and hopefully we’ll raise enough money in my Kickstarter later to get even more art out of him. *grin*

Also, heard back from an anthology I’m going to be pitching too. Got the information I need and have printed off several bits of information. Now to go find some books I have upstairs to review the period I’m going to be pitching for and hope they like what I send them.

And, I also spend some time outlining my next major project.

Busy day, indeed.

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