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Origins Mascot surprise

Never turn your back on a mascot that claims to vaporize humans

Saturday was a great day at Origins Game Fair. I did manage to overcome my sushi food coma from our visit to Kooma to make it to the 10am panel on World Building. We had a very decent crowd and while each of the authors on the panel had their own way of addressing the issues, we all somehow wound up at the same destination at the end, which was great. It showed the audience there was no “one way” to world build, but there were definitely points in common all of the panelists touched on.

The Writer Beware panel went very well, even if my wireless remote didn’t synch with the computer. The audience was very attentive and had a lot of good questions. I was surprised when we didn’t get quite as many people as I was hoping for, based on the number of Writer Beware pamphlet I gave out and people I’d talked to on Thurs/Fri, but, 4pm panels are always tough at Origins, as people start slipping out to beat the rush for dinner. Still, I’ll take small and enthusiastic over large and disinterested any day.

I also participated in the Humor in Fiction panel at 1pm on Sunday. Again, a fairly small audience, but given as it was the last panel of the convention, none of us were surprised. Still we had not only a good discussion about writing humor and giving examples of where it was done well and where maybe not so well, but the audience got into it and the Q&A period was almost a discussion rather than the ask/answer they normally become.

Sales were brisk at times and not-so-brisk at others, but that’s typical of any convention. My largest seller was Full Moon Affair. Apparently, fantasy noir is in. Hopefully, if the sales are there, I can convince my publisher to move Pearls of Darkness up a bit on the publication release chart. However, it’s really inspired me to move forward on the other two Theron Chase stories I’ve started. Plus, the audience reaction to Full Moon when I did my reading was really encouraging.

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around though, I think all of the writers and vendors were ready to go home. There was a huge cheer from inside the exhibition hall when the PA announcer said, “The exhibition hall is now closed for 2015.” *grin*  Arrived at Columbus Airport at 6:30pm after the show and my suitcases weighed in at 45.5 and 50.0. Success!

Unfortunately, the flight wasn’t until 9:55pm, but that gave me time to get started reading Blood Reign, by Steve Roman, while I was waiting.  Once the plane was in the air, we must have caught a tail wind or something because we landed at 10:45 back in Baltimore and I was home by 11:45pm. until 2155. We’re in for the long haul.

So, overall, Origins Game Fair was a blast, panels went great, passed out a lot of Writer Beware literature, may have a few writing opportunities coming out of the show and ate way too much, laughed too much, and made a number of new friends.

That being said, three conventions in three weekends is enough. I am brain-fried and flat out tired. Regardless how much I deny it, I’m not 30 anymore. I think it’s time to get home and do normal stuff for a while.


Almost recovered from Origins. Managed to stumble through work today and after a quick nap and a nice home-cooked meal, I got started on playing catch up.

Got with my artist on my latest Pro-Se book, reviewed the cover changes and then coordinated with the publisher to get an approval for said changes. They’re now en route to Pro Se and hopefully we’ll be able to go final with this project sooner than later.

Then, spent time working with Shane Braithwaite on some of the art that’ll be going into the For a Few Gold Pieces More book (and Kickstarter). Hopefully, we’ll be able to go to contract for art very soon and we can get that ball rolling.

I’ve got a few more e-mails to send out in the next couple of days for some projects that were discussed at Origins and then also do some follow-up emails in a couple of weeks with some other possible projects. So, that’s a good sign too.

And, inshallah, things will soon subside to a low roar around here and I can get back to doing what I should be doing on these late evenings in front of the computer . . . writing.

Very soon, I’ll be passing on more information about the Monsters Kickstarter from Silence in the Library, which will feature our stories from the 2014 Origins Anthology, plus some other cool stuff.

More to follow there.

But, here are a few random pics from Origins in the meantime. Remember, any mascot that prides itself on eating humans should not be allowed to get behind you. *grin*

Origins mascot

Outside the exhibition hall

From the table_Sat Aft

How I saw most of Origins, from behind my table

The signs outside the Origins Library

The signs outside the Origins Library

Library before opening Friday morning

The library on Friday morning before opening

Origins Initial Set-up

My table’s original set up

Some of the Library Authors

Some of the Library authors

More scenes from Saturday

Some of my fellow authors, Saturday afternoon


Savoring a nice Glenfiddich 18 while talking with my fellow authors at Origins

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