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Origins Game Fair Days 0, 1, and 2

Arrived in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday night to set up for Origins Game Fair and spent Wednesday setting up the traveling author show. There are more authors this year in the Origins Library, so I’m working with a slightly smaller table than Awesome Con but there’s a very good vibe about this show.

Thursday’s show went very well. Quite a few people dropped by the library, but as usual with the first day of a show, more lookers than buyers. Most told us up front they weren’t planning on doing any buying until Sunday, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed there.

The panel on Graphic Novels went very well and the audience, while not overwhelming, was enthusiastic and had some good questions. After the library closed, we rounded up a large group of the Library authors and went out to Lemongrass here in Columbus for dinner and conversation. Had some interesting conversations once we got back to the con hotel and hopefully I’ll have some interesting news to pass on to you all in the next few weeks after those talks.

Friday started out rather slow, the crowds seemed a bit smaller in the Exhibition Hall, but there were more games being offered today, so I suspect that drew off part of the crowd. However a smaller crowd did not mean less work. In fact, today resembled more of a marathon.  I had a a two-hour panel on writing for role-playing games, immediately followed by a panel on writing fiction based on RPGs. Three straight hours of panels and then an hour later, Gail Z. Martin and I did our reading.  I read from Full Moon Affair, while Gail read from three of her works.  Not only did we have an appreciative audience, I got some good feedback from Dennis McKiernan, the Author guest of honor who sat in on our reading.

After that, we had a second author excursion out for dinner, this time to Komma Sushi just a few blocks away from the convention center. Not only was the company superb, but so was the meal itself. I’m just now recovering from my sushi-enduced food coma.

Tomorrow, I have a panel on World Building and then my Writer Beware presentation. Plus, I’m supposed to talk to a couple of people about their successful Kickstarters.

This is definitely a working convention.

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