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Penguins and Ravens

Took the family to see March of the Penguins today. I really liked the movie and definitely see why it's already starting to get some Oscar buzz. Is there anything Morgan Freeman can't do? He was perfect as the narrator in the movie. I think my daughter liked it, even though she got a little upset over the penguin chicks that died in the movie. She's awfully tender-hearted. I'm not 100% certain whether wishweaver liked it or not. She's been rather non-committal about the show. It's definitely not your average summer "popcorn" movie, that's for certain.

Got a little feedback from kradical earlier today on Coventry. He's not tearing his hair out nor has he gone blind yet, so I'm taking that as a good sign. ;)

Continuing to work on Harbinger, trying to bring it a little more back into focus. I can live with the rabbit trail I've been following the last couple of chapters, but I'm basically at a turning point. Either I keep going with that rabbit trail and dump the first 50K of the book and rewrite it, or I try to bring this back toward the ending I had envisioned? The ideas I was coming up with here are interesting, but there's no way to make them work with the first part of the book. I'm thinking about annotating them somewhere and saving them for a potential sequel to this book.

I'm not absolutely locked into the outline that I can't consider other ways, but when they're going way the hell away from what I want the book to be, I've got to wonder. Then again, these are questions for the rewrite stage, not the first draft stage. The object here has to be to get the story done, and then worry about things like "Did I start in the right spot?", "Should I have investigated that more?", "Do I want to include some romance scenes here and if so, what gets cut later to keep the word count reasonable?" and "What the hell was I thinking when I started this?" :D

Oh, well, onward and upward. . . I finished 1734 words tonight.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
99,725 / 125,000

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