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Balticon Report (part one)

Spending some time at Balticon this weekend. I don’t see much use in describing the fiasco of registration at this show — it’s pretty much been beaten to death by the other attendees. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed before next year’s show because I suspect with GRRM as the Guest of Honor, there’s gonna be a mob o’people who show up. Three hours to get a badge is not going to cut it then.

Joni and I attended a panel yesterday for “Creative Couples”. We talked about how we helped each other with the creation process, how we tried to divy up household details to allow each of us to have creative time (and work full time), how we handled scheduling and creative differences, and other things like that. It was a good panel and we got some good feedback from the audience. A number of creative couples were in attendance also, so they shared their stories too.

Joni is also in the art show for her Wishweaver Creations, showing off her jewelry and chain mail skills. She also taught a workshop on making the Byzantine pattern for chain mail. She was expecting a much smaller crowd than those who showed up and she’s got a lot of good ideas how to make improvements the next time she teaches this class.

I caught up with some friends at the show yesterday and then spent some time talking with Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine regarding publishing and Kickstarters. Tee had some really good ideas on how I can improve my plan and also helped point out a few things I’d overlooked. I’m hoping to catch up with some other friends who’ve run successful Kickstarters so I can pick their brains also.

So, even though I’m not “officially” attending Balticon, it’s been a fun and useful experience. Next weekend is Awesome Con, so I need to finish putting my stuff together for that as well as Origins Game Fair which is the week after Awesome Con.

Oh yeah, and there’s some writing going on too. *grin*

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