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So, this is progress. I’d almost forgotten . . .

A much better report tonight on progress.

Added another 1400+ words on Operation Komodo tonight and finally figured out what wasn’t working about the ending. Tossed about twelve pages of the story and started over from Point A, but it’s going to be a much stronger story now.

Placed my order for electricity at Awesome Con. So, I’ll be bringing the computer, projector and projector screen for the table. I’m working on a slide show of all my book covers. Since it’s hard to sell e-books at the show, at least I’ll be able to show the covers and talk about them and hope people will order them later.

(Yeah, I know, pipe dream, right?)

Worked on the For a Few Gold Pieces More Kickstarter concept today. Developed the reward levels and what different things I could do for rewards. Then I had my first conference with someone who had run a successful Kickstarter. She highly suggested I dump about half of the reward levels I was considering – she thinks I’m making it more complicated than it needs to be. She also suggested some different rewards than I was considering. But, she thinks the basic idea of my reward scheme is solid and she likes the concept of my KS video. She also offered to help out with one of the rewards and I’m certainly going to take her up on it, if this project goes forward later this summer.

I do need to contact my artist though and see if he’s up for doing this project (1 color cover, 10 b&w illustrations, and 1 color painting for the KS giveaway). I need to get how much he’d charge for doing this entire thing so I can realistically set my funding goals and stretch goals.

Also, going through some papers, I found a Mil SF short story I’d thought I’d lost – two different openings to the same story too. This is one I’d been planning on submitting a while ago, so now I need to type it into the computer and see how I can blend the two beginnings into a coherent story and then write the ending. It’ll be about 7500+ when all is said and done, but that’s before editing. We’ll see what I can do with it down the road.

Have to say, I’m rather pleased with the day’s work.

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