Richard C. White (nightwolfwriter) wrote,
Richard C. White

My steampunk muse

I think I found my muse for when I get back to work on “On Wings of Steel”. This particular figure stands almost 24″ tall, so I’ll have to find a very special spot near the desk for her to sit.

It’s hard to find a good steampunk figure with metallic feathers instead of faerie wings. And while there are fae running around in Southwatch, the Angels of Steel are definitely human . . . or so it’s believed anyway.

So, meet Erica, the newest member of the writing team.

(There’s another one that is a companion piece with a steampunk dragon curled around her feet, but since the gargoyle does play an important part in “Wings”, I thought it made more sense to go with this one.)

Angel of Steel_1 (474x800) Angel of Steel_1_gargoyle Angel of Steel_1_wings

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