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Write Stuff Wrap-up

The Write Stuff Writer’s Conference was this past weekend and a great time was had by all. First off, I have to thank Phil Giunta and the rest of the people at the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group for putting on a fun conference. Also, I have to thank Kristen Lamb for bringing an incredible energy to the show. Not only was it fun sitting through her presentations, but she was a genuinely fun person to hang around with, especially at Waffle House on Friday evening.

The Writer Beware panel on Friday night was well attended and there were a lot of good questions that came from the audience. We spent some time discussing vanity publishing, self-publishing, printers, and packaging (hiring people to help with the publishing, but keeping control for yourself). There were follow-up conversations at the social on Friday evening and again on Saturday as I ran into people who’d attended the night before.

The Historical Writing panel was good, but I had to shift gears. I was more prepared to talk about writing historical fiction and most of the attendees were there for writing historical non-fiction. Luckily, research is research, so I think we all got something out of the panel (they had some good suggestions for research I hadn’t even thought of, and it’s always great when I can learn something at a panel too.)

The Historical Fiction presentation

The Historical Fiction presentation


Had some fun conversations at the Book Fair on Saturday too and one of the participants actually recognized the character on my t-shirt, so bonus points there.

My friends (and Shore Leave refugees), Mike Freedman, Aaron Rosenberg, and Steve Wilson, were also presenting and I hear their panels went well also. In general, there was great feedback from the participants and I hope to get back to do this conference again soon.

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