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Striving for consistancy

Focusing on getting Terra Incognito revised and ready to go to my editor. It’s amazing how a series of columns over eighteen months developed (and changed) over time. Part of what I’m trying to do is catch the small inconsistencies between columns. Say in one column I did a numbered list with dashes to separate the name from the explanation and in the next I used a colon. So, now, I get to decide which way is right and then make sure every column matches up.

It’s little things like that which will drive a reader of a book crazy, but with the month between articles, no one noticed (or if they did, they never called me on it). So, while I thought this was nearly ready to go, I’m discovering I may have been a bit optimistic. *sigh*

However, something I’m very optimistic on is the cover. No, you can’t see it yet, but I have contracted out a very talented artist to do the cover for me. His name is Shane Braithwaite and you can see examples of his art at http://sbraithwaite.deviantart.com/.

So, slowly and steadily the book is coming together. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to share it with you sometime later this year.  And now back to work.

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