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Terra Incognito is about 90% done with the revisions and almost ready to ship off to the new editor for the usual beating. *grin* It’s mostly been formatting issues. Things that probably got through because it was a monthly magazine would drive a reader crazy in book format, so I had to go through and ensure there is some consistency. Even if my editor recommends a different way to format, at least I have a starting point.

Also, I’ve seen the preliminary sketches for the cover to Terra Incognito. Color me impressed. I can’t wait to share Shaun Braithwaite’s work with you.

Also, I’m working on Operation Komodo, the second installment of Strikeforce Falcon for Pro Se Press.

Additionally, since For a Few Gold Pieces More has wound up back with me due to Musa Publishing closing its doors on the 28th of February, I’m trying to decide what to do with the collection. I know the quick answer would be self-publish the ten short stories as quickly as possible, but that will require commissioning ten new covers as well as redoing the front pieces, the back covers, and everything in-between.

Now, I had always envisioned releasing the collection as a print book as well as collecting them into one e-book, but that was down the road. I’m having to fight the fear of having them not out there and balance it with the need to re-release them properly. Plus, the budget for new art and production costs has to come from somewhere. Also, the time it will take to do this right is going to take time from writing, so which project(s) do I delay to deal with all of this?

Oh yeah, and I’ve thought of a couple more stories I’d like to get around to writing sometime here in the future. (Bad plot bunnies, get back into the hutch.)

I know, first world author problems, right?

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