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Sneak Preview

A small excerpt from “Full Moon Affair”, graciously posted by my publisher.


A Sneak Peek at an upcoming digest novel from Pro Se Productions! An excerpt from Richard White’s FULL MOON AFFAIR, available this week from Pro Se! Art and logo design by Jeff Hayes, Editing by Logan L. Masterson and Morgan McKay.


She leaned forward, making sure I was paying attention. It was not a hard task to accomplish. “Let me give you some friendly advice. Weres tend to be antisocial when they’re sober. When they get drunk . . .”

“. . . their inner animal comes out. Yeah, I should have thought of that.”

She laughed at that comment. “You have a clever way with words, Theron. I think I’d like being around you even if I wasn’t your client.”

I thought I wouldn’t mind that either. I glanced out the window as she sat at the makeup table fixing her hair. A flash of light caught my attention and I leapt away from the window and grabbed her, pulling her down to the floor with me. A second later, there was the sound of shattering glass and a sickening thunk against the wall above me.

She started to scream, but I put a hand on her mouth. “Be still. Whoever’s out there doesn’t know if they got you or not. When I leave, crawl out the door and have Louie hide you somewhere. I’ll be back in a bit.”

I scurried to the door and inched it open. When I was certain no one was waiting in the hall to ambush us, I motioned for her to follow and then sent her running toward the main room. I let myself out of the side door and circled around, slipping my revolver out of my coat pocket. I reached the edge of the building and glanced down the alleyway, but as I suspected, it was empty.

The sniper had cleared out as soon as he’d fired.

I went over to a pile of boxes and poked around. The assassin had left his calling card though; a silver bullet lay on the ground at my feet.

Originally published at Richard C. White. Please leave any comments there.

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