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Building the worlds of your imagination

OK, I spent a good chunk of tonight going through Terra Incognito, trying to get it ready to send to a friend of mine who happens to be a freelance editor.

The good news, it holds together pretty well, but I’m sure Steve’s going to have plenty to say about it. After all, these were fourteen magazine columns that I’m trying to reorganize into a non-fiction book. What works for a magazine might not work for a bound book, so I’m definitely going to be leaning on him for his advice. Luckily, he’s been editing both fiction and non-fiction these past few years.

The good news for the readers, but not for me, is I’m going to have to add more sessions to the book. There are a few areas where I said, “And we’ll talk about that in a later column”, but due to my decision to curtail the column after eighteen months, those columns never were written.

So, I had a choice. Either I could simply excise those sentences from the manuscript, which would have been the cheap and easy way to deal with it . . . or, I could buckle down and write those extra sessions.

The more I thought about it, I decided I owed the readers of this book the most complete guide to world building I could create. Plus, having some new material in the book is also a good selling point. *grin* So, I need to reread the manuscript and note every place where I said I’d get to it and decide which of them merit their own sessions or which could be combined into a session or maybe they really weren’t that important.

Also, some of my columns started with a small story to emphasize what I was going to be talking about that session, but not all of them. I need to decide whether or not to add that blurb to all of them. Again, it wasn’t a big deal with a monthly column, but in a book, it might be jarring if I didn’t do it. (If anyone has an opinion here, I’m open for suggestions.)

So, that’s my night tonight. Tomorrow, we start creating a new chapter (or two) for Terra Incognito.

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