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Farpoint 2015 schedule

With Farpoint coming up this weekend, I figure I should post my schedule so you know what panels to avoi . . . . I mean, which ones you should definitely attend. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Writer/Artist Collaborations 8:00pm
Farpoint Book Fair 10:00pm
Autographs (Peter David, Phil Giunta, Richard White, Kim Headlee) 11:00am
Author Readings (Jennifer A. Povey, Richard White, Gregory A. Wilson) 2:00pm
Coping with Discouragement 3:00pm
Writing for Anthologies 4:00pm
Animated Science Fiction 10:00am
Autographs (Keith R.A. DeCandido, Richard White) 11:00am
Writing Historical Fiction Workshop 1:00pm
Mapping a Story 3:00pm


So, if you spot me, feel free to stop and say “Hi” (although, if it’s during a panel, don’t forget to raise your hand first *grin*). I’m looking forward to catching up with a number of my friends and writing buddies at this show and I suspect a good time will be had by most. (I would have said “all”, but some people are just perverse enough to say they didn’t have a good time just to prove me wrong. *sigh*)

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