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Real life research . . .

And the first set of revisions on Mouse Trap are headed back to the editor for review/comment/more edits. It’s going to be good to get back to writing new stuff here soon instead of editing. I have to admit, getting four stories back to edit within a four week period is pretty stressful, but fun in its own way.

One of the fun things about doing the Black Cat is in all of her comics, there was always a two-page spread showing actual judo moves. Now obviously the comics have an advantage since the artist can certainly make it a lot clearer for the reader by showing an example. Well, I did my best to describe the throws and strikes Linda uses as the Black Cat, but to add a little more realism into the story, I turned to a friend of mine, Megan Kirk, who practices judo and described the moves I was using and she gave me the actual names of those throws.

Now, would the story have read fine without that? Probably. But does it add a little something in there for those who “know” judo? Let’s just say, it’s a little tip of the cap to them.

And speaking of tipping . . . I think I should tip my head into my pillow.

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