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Richard C. White

An editing we will go . . .

Making progress in spite of myself. *grin*. The first set of revisions to Strikeforce: Falcon #1 – Flashpoint are done and en route back to the editor. We’ll see how well I did I suspect in a couple of days. I anticipate at least one more round of edits (unless I was very lucky) and then it’ll be ready for galleys.

Strikeforce: Falcon is going to be another e-series only. But the idea is to do eight roughly 10,000 word stories following my intrepid bunch of multi-national commandos in the early days of WWII as they try to help hold the line as the Imperial Japanese forces steamroll everything between them and the shores of Australia in 1941/42. It’s been a lot of fun doing the research for these stories and trying to find ways to compliment the stories of Z Special Group, which are fantastic enough in and of themselves.

So, now that those edits are gone, time to rest on my laurels, right?

Bah. Just printed out my The Original Black Cat – Mouse Trap story and will start the first go of edits in the morning.

*gets out a fresh red pen*

And away we go . .

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