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. . . sometimes, not so much

99% of the edits on The Full Moon Affair have been made (plus a few others that I saw that would tighten up the story even more once I got on a roll with the editorial comments).

However, one thing puzzles me. I have my main character tell his partner that he trusts her because she’s never steered him wrong before. The editor seems to think she has and suggests some internal dialogue to show he realizes this.

Maybe I need to reread the story tomorrow, but I was pretty sure after a moment of deciding how much of her story to tell him, she’d been pretty upfront with him. Maybe it didn’t come across as such in the opening where they meet? I could be off-base or maybe the editor is.

Now, that also brings up another point. If he or she’s confused about something, even though it’s not confusing to me, then did I not make something clear earlier? If so, I wish he or she had pointed out where the contradiction was (re: On page X you say this and now you’re saying Y). Or maybe I’m just being paranoid and the editor simply misunderstood because they misunderstood?

Then again, it’s 0023 and the Boulevard Single-Wide IPA may be kicking in too. I think I’ll sleep on this edit and hit it again tomorrow night.

Editing is so much fun, right?

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