Richard C. White (nightwolfwriter) wrote,
Richard C. White

Into the breach . . .

And once again, Moonshadows is winging its way back to the editor for round two. Joni had some good comments and picked up on something that made sense in the first draft but not once I rearranged a few sections in the second. So, a few carefully placed sentences here and there and hopefully, it’ll flow smoothly.

Started working on the comic today. Only got the first page scripted, but it’s started. Now just need to build some momentum (and remember to take my notes with me . . . the memory isn’t quite what it used to be.)

Also spent some time the last couple of days getting ready for the upcoming convention season. Amazing how quickly some of this stuff can sneak up on you.

Plenty cold outside tonight. Not quite Siberian or Canadian cold, but cold enough. Gonna be a fun next few weeks, I have a feeling.

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