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Another exciting evening with a red pen

OK, what have we been up to today? Filled out a questionnaire for an upcoming convention appearance, edited a story due by the end of the week, and . . . wow, I guess that about covers it.

The questionnaire wasn’t too bad. I’m certain I probably gave the convention a LOT more information than they really wanted, but they didn’t give me a word count limit (heh, heh, heh). I got to not only talk about new and recent projects, but they let me ramble on about my sword fighting days.

Yes, I fenced in college, did SCA sword and board in college and in the Army, and now I participate in Kendo. I have no real interest in fighting hand-to-hand, but let me pick up a cane, large stick or something pointy, and I’m all over that.

I like to think my fighting experiences, as well as my military training, help me write reasonably realistic fight scenes. Of course, there has to be a little Hollywood in them, mainly because most real fights only go a few seconds if one of the participants knows what they’re doing or they go on forever if they don’t. The writer’s job is to find the sweet spot where you keep the reader’s interest, but you don’t just have Joe sucker punch Bill and then walk off . . . unless that’s what the story needs.

I’m almost done with the edits. (Huzzah) I’ll spend some time tomorrow typing them in and then have Joni go over the document to find all the stuff I missed – because I do miss stuff. Yes, believe it or not, a second set of eyes is a good thing BEFORE you send it to your editor. Make their life happier by getting it as clean as you can first.

(This PSA is brought to you by editors and aspirin makers everywhere.)

And now, to bed!

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