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Some days you get the bear . . .

And in other news:

There are good times and less-than-good times when you are an author.

I received a rejection notice for a project I was really hoping to get involved in. *sigh* Still, I like the concept of the story and I really like the characters. It might be they aren’t a good combination, or perhaps these characters need something a bit longer than a 5000 word story. *shrug* Put them back into the box and I’ll get them out later and see what happens.

Then, on the way home, right after getting the rejection letter, I thought of the perfect way to redo the opening to Steel on Target. I wrote down my thoughts when I got home and hope to get started on it as soon as I get back from Archon.

Then, I got my editorial notes back for Sword of Might. I really like this editor and I can’t wait to dive into the edits.

Could I sit around and grouse about my rejection? Sure, but I have too many other projects under development to let one bump derail me. Just means, I need to get better.

Writers who don’t strive to get better only get worse.

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