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FenCon XI Report

Friday was a good day. The first panel was on writing media tie-in works, and there was no pressure. After all, it was just me and Timothy Zahn. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Actually, it was a fun time and we did it more like a talk in the round rather than an actual panel. We had a good time talking about the successes and sometimes the drawbacks of playing in someone else’s sandbox. We had a pretty good crowd for an early Friday panel and they had a lot of good questions.

The other Friday panel – WarTech – was a mixed bag. We had a good crowd, but I’m not convinced it was a very successful panel. The conversation wandered quite a bit and I’m afraid a couple of the panelists didn’t get the chance to participate as much as I had hoped they would. I probably wouldn’t do that panel again at the next show.

I had a ball at the parties Friday night. Found out KC won WorldCon for 2016, so I’m signing up for that one. Also, found a party being put on by Noah Ramon, aka DJ Illuminator. Not only did he have his room lit up with damn near every type of laser light, LED light, or electronic system, but his musical tastes are as eclectic as mine. I think I spent most of the evening hanging out in his room. Also visited the SoonerCon room party and I think that will be one of my 2015 cons.

Saturday’s signing was fun, although I spent most of it visiting with people I’d met the night before. Then it was time for my Writer Beware panel. Luckily, Amy Sisson, (one of my fellow Star Trek Writers), volunteered to run the slide show for me so I could wander about in front of the table. I didn’t do an official head count, but I’m estimating there were about 25 people at one time or another (people did wander in and out). Lot of good questions and the conversation ran on out in the hall for an hour or so afterward.

More room parties on Saturday and then into the last day on Sunday. We opened at 10am on Sunday with “What’s On Your Playlist”, where we discussed music and writing. Not only did I get some new ideas on where to find music and have a good time listening to what other people like to write too, but I was introduced to Country Zombie Rap. (I’ll let you look that up if you’re interested.)

I did a reading right after lunch and then i took advantage of their “pro table” offer, to sell some books, comics, miniatures, and T-shirts.

My trip home was quite a bit less fun – 2 hour delay at Dallas, changed planes twice, still got into Houston 20 minutes after my connecting flight left. Had to catch a 7:40am plane in, therefore burning another day of leave I hadn’t planned on using. *sigh*

Still, all in all, FenCon XI was a lot of fun and it definitely feels very comfortable. The staff went out of their way to take care of us and special kudos to the Con Suite team.

And now, time to finish the laundry and get ready for Archon this weekend.

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