Richard C. White (nightwolfwriter) wrote,
Richard C. White

Convention weekend . . .

Getting ready to take off for FenCon tomorrow morning. Finally feel like I’m shaking this cold that has knocked me down for the past three days, so hopefully, with a good rest tomorrow night, I’ll be ready to enjoy the show.

My schedule at FenCon is:

Tie One In
Friday 3:00 PM Live Oak
w/ Vickey Kennedy and Timothy Zahn (no pressure there, nah.)

War Tech!
Friday 6:00 PM Red Oak
w/J.R. Hargenrader. William Ledbetter, Selina Rosen, Brad Sinor and David Gray

Saturday 10:00 AM Gallery
w/P.N. Elrod

Writer Beware: How Not to Get Published
Saturday 1:00 PM Red Oak

What’s In The Playlist?
Sunday 10:00 AM Addison Lecture Hall
w/ Rachel Caine, Melanie Fletcher, Frank Summers, and K. Hutson Price

Sunday 1:00 PM Pecan

Plus, I’ll have a small table to sell some of my books on Sunday from 2-4.

The only pain about this trip is the fact I have to fly out of Reagan International. Tomorrow isn’t too bad (plane leaves at 1200). However, on the return trip, I arrive at Reagan at 2340. So, it’ll probably be close to 0100 when I get my car from the parking lot for the Metro and then 0200 by the time I get home.

Oh, and I may have jury duty on Monday – which means I’d have to be at the courthouse IN Baltimore by 0830.

I really, really, really hope my number doesn’t get called this weekend.


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