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Richard C. White

Expanding the universe

Took a short break from Crossed Swords tonight. But, I didn’t spend the night completely idle.

I heard back regarding one of my unnamed projects. It wasn’t a rejection, but it wasn’t a complete approval either. So, I spent tonight and I’ll be spending some time tomorrow doing revised and expanded proposals for two concepts. (Still haven’t heard anything about the first secret project with this same publisher yet.)

So, I’m walking that tight-rope of including enough information to make them want to sign off on the project, but not so much information that their eyes roll up in their heads and they fall asleep. I’ll try to get everything finished up tomorrow, give it a day to rest and then get it off to them this weekend after last minute revisions.

Yep, query letters, proposals, synopses, novels, short stories, Facebook posts . . . all of them need a moment to rest and then edit before sending off.

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