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Back into the deep end of the pool

Just placed my order for a table at Awesome Con (May 29-31, 2015). This will be the first time I’ve exhibited at a comic convention by myself as myself instead of working with (or representing) my friend and co-creator, Steve Roman.  I wish it wasn’t the same weekend as BEA/BookCon, but a local show almost always takes precedent over one where I have to add in hotel/travel/food.

I used to hit the comic convention circuit pretty hard in the 90s/early 00s, but as I did less comic work and more short story/novel work, I shifted to SF/F shows, which was a definite culture shock. Going from the idea of 18000 being a small con to 3200 being a huge con took a lot of mental gymnastics, but I came to see how the two cultures were focused on many different things, even thought there was a lot of crossover in them. I have some friends who’re going the other way (from SF/F shows to Comic conventions) and I’m trying to give them some pointers, so they’ll enjoy themselves the next time they go. (Don’t even get me started on Anime cons.)

Now, I won’t be doing this alone. My daughter will help me man the booth on Friday and Sunday and my friend and co-creator on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, April MacDicken, will be there to help promote the booth.

Now, I just have to hope I have plenty of new projects to show.

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